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The Night Guys, 2024

Half-Hour Dark Comedy Series Concept

Co-created with Steve Brechtel
Based on Steve Brechtel's original The Night Guys and F. F. Mormanni's original Back to the Futures
A newly-hired hedge fund night manager grapples with the erratic behaviors of the sleep-deprived traders he “inherits” while attempting to keep the peace with daytime executives.

Interspace, 2023

One-Hour Epic Sci-Fi Series

Amidst increasing tensions over the galaxy's prized mineral, a hotshot blackballed pilot spearheads a dangerous mission triggered by a message from an endangered race.
Interspace Cover.png
X cover.jpg

X, 2023

One-Hour Sci-Fi Series

An alien spacecraft responding to a distress beacon collides with a commercial airliner, stranding survivors on an island in the South Pacific Ocean where the Japanese conducted bio-weapons research during WWII.
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X 10 Percent.png

Back to the Futures, 2022

Half-hour Mockumentary

To settle a bet about whether successful trading can be taught, two hedge fund partners mentor a group of misfits: a poker champion, professional drummer, car salesman, video game designer, and pickup artist. 
Back to the Futures 35 Percent.png
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TL cover.png

Tough Luck, 2022

One-Hour Supernatural Drama Series

A college freshman purchases a winning Powerball ticket on her 18th birthday and soon finds that the numbers correspond to unusual future events.

Scripts are available on request

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