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Francesca Flavia Mormanni, professionally known as F. F. Mormanni or Francesca Mormanni, is an Italian-American novelist, screenwriter, musician, producer, actress, and model.

On the literary front, Mormanni is the author of Double Crossed and Mind the Gap. She has written several acclaimed screenplays — both adaptations of her novels and original stories for the big screen — with narratives spanning science fiction, fantasy, thriller, drama, horror, and comedy. She studied Creative Writing at Columbia University, and is influenced by literary and cinematic greats, including Isaac Asimov, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Crichton, Frank Herbert, Christopher Nolan, Ayn Rand, Zack Snyder, Steven Spielberg, and J.R.R. Tolkien.

As a musician, Mormanni has performed with renowned ensembles such as The Juilliard Orchestra, The Juilliard Opera, New York String Orchestra, Brevard Symphony Orchestra, and Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra at venues including Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. She studied Flute and Harp Performance at The Juilliard School and Juilliard Pre-College, and is also an accomplished pianist, soprano, and piccolo player. Her music career expanded into songwriting at Warner Chappell Music, where she has collaborated with Grammy-winning and Grammy-nominated artists.

Beyond her writing and musical achievements, Mormanni is the Founder and Executive Producer of Mormanni Media. By cultivating creative endeavors that span various mediums, she demonstrates a commitment to quality and innovation in the competitive entertainment industry.


Photo by Scott Dentinger Headshots

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