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After the sudden loss of his father, Rocco Amiri, a misguided, rebellious 21-year-old, begins spending his nights navigating the secrets of New York City by running through working subway tunnels, climbing bridges, and scaling famous buildings with his friends, all of whom view the city as a gigantic playground.


As he tries to uncover information about his late father and struggles to make ends meet in the city that never sleeps, Rocco slowly establishes a presence in the “outlaw Instagrammer” community with his best friend, Thalia. However, Rocco must soon decide whether indulging his passion for photography and satisfying his curiosity about his father are worth the risk.

Mind the Gap unmasks the clandestine New York City urban community and tells the story of the fine line between safety and absolute danger—one easily crossed by those who seek thrills from risk-taking that most would consider insane.

Mind the Gap, 2022


eBook     Paperback     Hardcover 

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