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Back to the Futures, 2022

1-Hour Comedy Series

To settle a bet about whether successful trading can be taught, two hedge fund partners mentor a group of misfits: a trumpet player, car salesman, construction worker, poker champion, teacher, web developer, and pickup artist.

Tough Luck, 2022

1-Hour Supernatural Drama Series

A college freshman purchases a winning Powerball ticket on her 18th birthday and soon finds that the numbers correspond to unusual future events.
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Mind the Gap, 2022

Drama Feature

A rebellious 21-year-old tries to come to terms with his father's sudden death by joining the New York City daredevil photography community. 

Double Crossed, 2021

Thriller Feature


Quarterfinalist in the 2021 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship

After an autopsy of a suddenly deceased presidential candidate reveals startling findings, the President of the United States recruits his childhood best friend to investigate a plot to infiltrate the government.
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Scripts are available on request.